Monday, July 07, 2008

i know a lot of pertinent and clever lyrical references

did you hear that A-Rod and his wife are divorcing?  Madonna is involved!?
someone said that America has gotten over Paris Hilton.  I think it was the boston phoenix (which should indicate this is a lie or was also true 2 years ago...ZZZING!)  I don't want to be over Paris.  I read an interview with a popular and bright author who believes pop-culture can be both holy and unholy (cause he's a buddhist)  I don't consider myself religious but in my way I agree.  Bless you saint Paris, pray for us sinners.
So this A-Rod thing could be important.  As well as a new Ratatat record soon to drrrop.  Naturally I have an easier time making religion of the boys from Brooklyn.  (but as John Stanier noted "fuck Williamsburg" but then I was talking about battles to a dude the other night who said "the drummer definetly seems like he'd be a prick"  i let him off the hook eternally for being a good musician, i'm very very superficial...did anyone see Jay-Z cover "wonderwall"? that was a trancendent moment of musical prick-ery)  Death Vessel has a new one as well.  i can barely contain myself over that one.  there was a period in my life a couple summers ago when i listened to so much death vessel and now the return of this to my consciousness is making me all kinds of nostalgic and also sad because instead of being an adult i think i am actually regressing and have a more clumsy emotional psyche.  i get easily confused and instead of recognizing complexities in myself and others i seem to now respond in the awkward and projectionary(?) screamy-emo chorus mood shifts of highschool?  i think even then i was more socially tuned.  i listened to a lot of ratatat in that same summer.  i fancied myself a writer and all the world was my palette.  no, i thought i'd be lester bangs (who was also offhandly dismissed the other referents ducats, my daughter)
but it is both unholy and holy.  maybe sometimes at the same time.  can i grasp this zen of yours?  can i share?  you wrote commcomm, i cry everytime i read it, i'm a serious person, a real person.
so check out the death vessel myspace and listen to the new song.  
i leave you with further bullshit
i took six months off now i'm back up in this bitch
get em crackin

needlessly but painstakingly vague
no one must know too much, none must be allowed to close in on my half hearted deceit
a plague upon you
upon yours
upon your teeth
la la la laquer underneath
a studied abandon
oceans' sediment in your backyard
piled upon            obfuscating measurements
a haywire spedometer
a withering whim of typewriter ribbon
a wrapped whimsy, warped by buddy bandits
a sugary clumsy explanation
a hand in the plans of the plantation
a too-few toothy grin telling me "dont laugh"
oh and dont you laugh
and dont you laugh though

some phrases

somebody's self-helping and holding OUT


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