Monday, April 30, 2007

if you ain't down...bullshit!

i think that once i started writing reviews of albums on a regular basis i have about nothing to blog about.  or so the feeling goes that i am already putting my feelings on popular music into the public sphere, hence no need for what was one time a lot of fun.  also i find myriad ways to waste free time and so as the glorious summer of no car and no job came to a close the blog did suffer.  if i don't have at least 8 free hours in a day (after rising at noon) how in the heell am i to keep
up with the breakneck pace of the information superhighway?  i'm not telling you i'm asking you...   and yet i am recalled to it in conversation with a dear contemporary (and sometime contributing editor to the atlantic monthly i am told) of the good this modest method can achieve.  what ever happened to derka?  and what do those not immediately associated with my person think of me?  a new year and prey tell...a vlad to match?  as spring time lurches twixt the dreary and the the world still does turn and us doing most of the living and working and dying in this town! what is this quintessence of dust?! cambridge my town, cambridge my sow. and we've gone from b-real to shakespeare, thats about right...
i still enjoy rock and roll music:
jim o'rourke is something of a genius.  with loose fur a jam band sans wankery.  a focused and fantastical trip.  the flaming lips as well.  i never really got seriously into this band and the loss mine.  but 
there's a lot out there and so you gotta get it where and when you can and you gotta hope for
the best and ususally you can do alright.  an amigo from work gave me his old copy of the soft bulletin
and so thats how fate can make you sit up an' pay 'tention. and i dont believe in much fate or nuthin
of the like but with regard to've heard this one before...sue me if i play too long.
johnny marr is cool and i think the new modest mouse record benefits from his being so.  
a lot of guit-piece on that and it sounds pretty fuckin badass sometimes.  varied and dynamic
guit-piece i might add.  jarvis cocker gets a thumbs up.  boss.    
excitable boy i think needs to be in the top 10...
of all time? which would look like...
the beatles  - self titled (white)
bob dylan - highway 61 revisited
steely dan - aja
the minutemen  - double nickels on the dime
elvis costello and the attractions - trust
the clash - london calling
nirvana - in utero
at the drive in - relationship of command
excitable boy

hmmm...  it is necessarily imperfect.  is not the self titled zevon maybe the better?  tough call   tough call. and that list gets pretty punk heavy which is often my wont but more time might include zombies, or joni mitchell, or arcade fire for that matter.  who i go to see thursday night! kick-ass


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