Tuesday, December 12, 2006

turn on, tune in, rock out

richard linklater is the man. i re-watched SLACKER the oths night and (i was not just a totally impressionable teen when i loved it in high school) its a damn good film. natch the spieling LINK-dialogue hits me up right where i like a talky film and some of the film is very beautiful to look at (looking at you opening sequence...word up LINK-cameo) and long takes! damnski if this bub wasnt reppin that shit REAL hard on the debut. props are in order and i aint a bub to withold props deserved. watch this again, and sunrise/sunset, and dazed and confused, and school of rock and tell me if this mofo cant rock a pleasant thought-provo little piece o film in a variety o styles. what the F more do you want in popular cinema? some toolios like to hate because they say the films are just a litany of 'things richard linklater is interested in' and yes this is actually a valid criticism in as much as you can watch the films like this
BUT the ones ive mentioned anyway are consistantly engaging and always pique yo interest with a bittersweet or amusing truism posited casually. they look damn good (waking life could get in on this too but that one is understandably polarizing...i even had to come around on that one) and i axe you: what the hell is wrong with using your art as a personal outlet? from time to time link is less subtle than some but despite others' derision he proves more than distraction and sha-lalala his honesty is straight the F up and disarming? yeah, i think so. and damn if it aint inspirational to see someone just working out some hang-ups or thoughts or preoccupations through extensive dialogue. this is all that i aspire to filmically and though it may never happen and though it has never put a scrap of gold in MY pocket i say god bless it.

the laundromat i frequent always has old copies of a whack publication called The Watchtower hangin around. one time i picked one up because it said we may be living in the end times and crazy zealotry is amusing sometimes so... how many people pick this up for a laugh? how many are seriously worried? am i ever seriously worried that the END is near? sometimes i suppose but i dont know. what do you think about the end of the world? are there higher powers involved? and if so are they gonna show theyselves or just manipulate crazy factions of humans? do they do that? and if so, why? but why god, why? he had sex with my momma...WHY?!
it puts me in mind of this one time that i was riding the T to get some place or another and this kinda whack old woman was accosting everyone in sight about jesus and you know accepting him. that old song and dance. well most were just doin like i do in this sitch and trying to look really intent on just WAITING and not talking. then she happens upon a goup of brutal looking youths and one in particular whos smoking a butt (yeah, in the station! crazy fucker) they get to rappin and it goes on awhile and appears to be getting kind of heated and so i slide one headphone to the side and try to listen to both snappin and trappin and this, less entertainin, rappin. crazy woman reps JC, smokin dude laughs a lot and baits her to the extreme amusment of his peers. and i'm sick. neither is doing ANYTHING here and isnt this just so much of 'dialogue' in the public sphere. ive worked in the private sector, they expect results. well not waiting for the T, not singing or rappin in Harvard Sq, not passing out flyers/leaflets/whack publications. sometimes i try to pay attention to what folks are so fired up about, i want to respect passion even if i do not share it and maybe by attempting some understanding or attempting to slow or hold off the arrogant dismissal i hope to be a better human but it just gets so damn depressing when all you hear and all you see just circles in on itself and everybody gets harder and colder and more distanced. they seem to say nothng, they seem to go nowhere. look i know i dont do much and i know that i reiterate a real slack/iconoclast philosophy but only on a blog that my friends read and only to the people i care about and then i dont distance (i hope) because through social means weve gotten past dismissal. whatever you think you give it a chance and you respond not based on my accosting you with bad vibes but on a relative wealth of shared experience and sometimes, the best times, we get closer and then live better? vlad wormwood's a fuckin hippie. well yeah ok but so what, you already knew that.


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