Monday, July 23, 2007

hey mighty brontosaurus, dont you have a lesson for us 

recently i like to think about seeing music live. almost more than i like to see music live...? what are experiences without our re-creation and "objectifying" hindsight? can i buy pot from you?
sometimes, the good ones, there is such an overwhelming spirit of oneness in the collective viewing of good music. i htink maybe lots of folks singing along to "via chicago" at bonnaroo some weeks ago. or the spontaneous "that didn't suck!" from a stranger at said festival shortly after the police played. *really that fits in more with the initial thread but the strands are loose and there arent that many so bear with...* but this guy was so pumped by the experience that he felt the need to: share it, validate it by running it by other "participants", make noise out of inner excitement, or somehting. maybe he was crazy or high, but thats not my concern.
some people miss out on this and those folks will live shorter lives. some jerks walk around and muscle for better spots or just buzz around the bar or outside for a smoke or god only knows but you know what they kind of fuck up a good show by being so restless. this is annoying but its also a little depressing to me. VERY recently i saw Battles and the White Stripes and these shows were excellent but marred by distracted elements getting all up in the proverbial grill. it is of course a testament to the rock that i enjoyed the hell out of these shows notwithstanding. who are these dweebs that GO to see msuic and don't pay any attention? there is all consuming dome rocking going on at these concerts and yet some people just cant be bothered.

*perhaps i am snobbishly ignoring a social aspect of the congregation and this is always in my mind*
it is a bit strange that the vast good vibes i am capable of are, like so much of my life, a solitary state in all but how i feel. what i mean to say is i FEEL all connected up but i aint gonna say a damn thing about it. BUT THATS THE POINT i dont need to say anyhting i dont need to do anything and so i dont and that way i am part of it without fucking it up for someone else. it is after all a trance state and transcendence is a trickly buisness *i aint no scientist so i gotta play careful with this and ive seen however how bad it can go* im not the science but i know its there. a big part of what im saying is

and if you go to a rock show have some damn respect.
 if perhaps you like interpol then the new album is worth peepin out.  those dudes are just getting more dramatic and self-serious but if that suits you (as it does me) they are in holding pattern.  i think mostly i have this nostalgic thing about when the first album came out and so i foolishly replay with them in diminished echoes a point that i somtimes long for.  what was so special about it is vague as remembering becomes.  i recall i visited john in nyc when the album dropped and was sucked in by its sleek ny-image/attitude/sound.  maybe if you dont live in new york that shit works.  mission accomplished boys of interpol.  also when antics came out there was that lyric about "killer for hire you know not yourself" in slow hands which is vague sinister and seductive.  sometimes nonsense is all i need...
de do do do
also evil is a great song
the new single is pretty dumb but i like pioneer to the falls

feist and spoon are my newest obsessions

battles is still probably the coolest thing in my world

i'll never be sting
thats ok

i am anxious to get a look at danny boyle's new flick 

it was so nice to be home for the weekend while the rest of my mind unravels   


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